It's a New Kind of Fundraiser - A Gift Card Extravaganza! 

Your chance to win $100 in gift cards every day in March!

How it works:

1. Purchase Gift Card Calendars in our Eagle Spirit Shop for $20 each. You may purchase more than one. Only 1,000 calendars will be sold.


2. You will receive an email within a few days of your purchase containing your personal three digit number (randomly assigned between 000-999). Be sure to use a valid email address when placing your order.

3. Beginning on March 1st, check the numbers drawn from the MIDDAY CALIFORNIA DAILY 3 LOTTERY to see if the three numbers drawn match your three digit number. If it is a match, you win the gift card(s) listed for that date. The midday daily drawing is at 1:00 pm PST. The website is to check winning numbers. Numbers will also be posted daily on in the announcements and the Imperial Facebook page.


4. Check daily because lottery numbers may repeat and you might win more than one time!

5. Prize winner names will be posted on, Imperial PTA social media, and winners will receive an email.

6. If you are a winner, we will contact you to arrange pick up or delivery. Prizes can be mailed or picked up at Imperial Elementary in Anaheim Hills, CA.


Please contact us through the Imperial PTA website if you have questions. Thank you for supporting our fundraiser and our school! Good luck! 

The fine print: Odds in winning are 1 in 1,000 each day during the month of March 2021. Any unsold calendar numbers will be assigned to Imperial PTA. Please note nothing will be physically mailed to you, unless you win a gift card. All sales are final. 

For Parents & Students:


Contact us through the website or contact Kathy Jackson, PTA President directly with questions.  Thank you!