Grade Level Facebook Groups

After receiving requests from many parents, we moved forward with creating private grade level Facebook groups to give Imperial parents the opportunity to easily communicate with other Imperial parents who have children in the same grade level as theirs.

Current TK: Current Kindergarten: Current 1st Grade: Current 2nd Grade: Current 3rd Grade: Current 4th Grade: Current 5th Grade: Current 6th Grade:

There are a couple of questions to be answered before being accepted into the group. Be sure to answer them or your request to join will not be accepted.

We've named the groups based on the students' high school graduation year to give families the opportunity to stay connected as their children move up in grades.

Be sure to join in time for summer so you can arrange get-togethers, discuss sports sign-ups, or anything else that you might want to discuss with other parents. Just remember to keep it kind and clean!

Stay connected and have fun!

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