"Why is the PTA Always Asking Parents for Money?"

The truth is we don't want to, but unfortunately the state education funding doesn't even cover the basics for our school to be successful. That's where the PTA steps in to help raise money to purchase items our students and teachers need.

Where Does the Money Go?

During the 2020-2021 School Year the PTA has provided the following for our school:

  • ​$11,230 for the Lexia and iReady learning applications

  • $4,500 for classroom supplies (each teacher is offered $10 per student)

  • $3,250 for classroom improvements (large screen TVs, wall mounts, etc)

  • $563 for upper grade student planner books

  • $340 for new library books

  • $244 for Teacher and Staff Appreciation

Totaling over $20,000 so far in 2020-2021 - a year without field trips, assemblies, Art Masters, PE teacher, school beautification, facilities upgrades, Family Fun Events (Trunk or Treat, Spring Festival, Movie Nights, Field Day, etc), and other standard costs that PTA covers for the school.

What Does This Mean for Our Students?

Without the fundraising support of Imperial families, it means the PTA cannot afford to help the school cover costs. If we continue down this path, in the 2021-2022 school year the students and teachers will not have: ​

  • A dedicated PE teacher - $15,000 expense

  • Lexia and iReady learning applications - $12,000 expense

  • Assemblies - $5,000 expense

  • Field Trips - $4,000 expense

  • Art Masters - $2,000 expense

  • STEAM Lab equipment upgrades - $1,000 expense

  • New library books - $1,500 expense

  • School improvements & beautification - $30,000 expense

  • Trunk or Treat, Spring Festival, Field Day, Family Movie Nights and so much more!


A Little Perspective

In the fall of 2020 we held two fundraisers for the 2020-2021 school year. We held the Fall Pledge in which we asked families to donate $150 to the school and as a thank you donors received an Imperial jacket or voucher for a case of wine. The second fundraiser was the Kids are First Gift Catalog and Snack sale. In regards to the Fall Pledge:

  • We received 68 donations out of 450 students (as of 1/13/21) totaling $6,800

  • 10 of those donations were from one family! Thank you to that amazing family for your generosity!

​ In regards to the Kids are First fundraisers:

  • We raised approximately $6,500

  • We had about 15% participation from families

​ In the 2019-2020 school year:

  • Combined earnings between the Fall Pledge and Fall Fundraiser was $38,262

  • That's close to a $25,000 deficit just in the fall fundraiser

We still need to hold our spring fundraiser which typically brings in another $25,000, but we anticipate earnings will be closer to $10,000 this year. Between the Fall and Spring fundraisers we will be bringing in around $25,000 total for the 2020-2021 school year, which is far below what we need to continue to support Imperial Elementary School. ​ We know times are tough for many families during these unprecedented times, but for those who are able, WE DESPERATELY NEED YOU TO HELP. IT IS IMPERATIVE FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR SCHOOL'S SUCCESS. ​

Fall Pledge donations can be made on our website at https://www.imperialpta.com/shop. In addition to our fundraisers, we have a variety of ways you can passively fundraise for Imperial too! Visit our Support Imperial page for details on PTA Membership, Amazon Smile, Shop with Scrip, Coca-Cola Gives, and Ralphs Rewards.

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